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Curious Cat


Similar to the old saying of what goes up must come down, what goes in must come out. Perks of owning a cat can revolve around their independence and compulsion to be clean and live in a clean environment, however, even the cleanest cats need to use the facilities.


Ask any cat owner and they will undoubtedly tell you that their least favorite chore related to caring for their feline is cleaning the litter box. It's a pain, it's smelly, and litter isn't exactly the lightest thing on the planet. It's also a necessary evil for any home with a happy cat. It begs the question: what is the best way to deal with a dirty litter box?

There are multiple green and eco-friendly ways to dispose of cat litter, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Because of the wide variety of cat litters, the different wastewater treatment and sewer systems in each municipality, and the difficulty in composting cat waste, we would have to say there is one solution that will works for everyone, DOGGIE DETAIL!

You’ll first need to research what kind of litter will work best for you and your fluffy friend. Litter these days is made out of a wide range of materials, from potentially toxic to all-natural materials. You’ll then have to decide how you want to dispose of the litter. (Flushing it down your toilet is not a safe or responsible option.) This is when you'll want to contact Doggie Detail for your disposal bucket.

Cat waste is different from dog waste. If not properly disposed of, cat waste has the potential to be hazardous to you and the environment. Being a green pet owner isn’t always easy, but it’s important to be aware of every option you have.

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