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Do you have an Escape Artist?

Keeping your pup within the walls of your backyard is important when it comes to keeping them safe and healthy. Our dogs are put at great risks once they escape from our home, making it essential to understand the steps it takes to prevent escapes from happening. Why do dogs escape from their yards? Dogs are curious creatures. They tend to seek out new sounds and smells, causing them to long for what’s outside of their gated yard. Hearing or seeing something new and exciting walk by their yard can be extremely tempting for our furry friends, and it may be tempting enough for them to try to escape.

Our dogs are extremely smart when they put their mind to something, making it easy for dogs to find any weaknesses in your backyard’s security. Most dogs that escape their yard have found a broken section in their fence, an area that’s easy to dig out of, or are not tied up correctly.

Keep Your Dog Safe, Keep Your Dog In Place

Dogs are wonderful escape artists, but there are always ways to prevent their escapes from happening. Be sure to review the yards parameters to keep your pup in your yard, and your dog will continue to stay safe and contained!

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