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Hey Dog People, Do You Have Friends Who Dislike Dogs?

As shocking as it may be to dog people like us, some people aren’t big fans of dogs.  These non-dog people are not afraid of dogs, they simply don’t get excited about our furry family members and tend to prefer human-only settings.  Here at Doggie Detail would love to hear from our readers if you have friends or family who don’t feel the same way as you do about your four-legged companions and what you have done to deal with this potentially uncomfortable situation.

Dog People vs. Non-Dog People Indifference toward dogs is different from having a legitimate fear of dogs.  People can have a fear of dogs for many reasons, from an attack in the past or a nervousness that may have been passed down by other family members.  That fear has to be respected and you cannot force that person to love your dog.  If your child has a friend who is terrified of dogs, crate them up or put the dogs in a different part during the visit.

It’s Me or the Dog When dealing with a person who simply doesn’t care for the company of dogs, it can be a bit tougher. You may feel pressure to hide your dogs away so you can enjoy the company of that person.  Should you, or do you tell them it’s me or the dog?  Are your dogs well-trained and able to respect the discomfort of your guests?  Being greeted by jumping, slobbering dogs is a turn-off for the average non-dog person.  Remember: not everyone likes to be licked!

Like parents, dog lovers tend to dislike judgment from non-dog-owners. We can get a bit defensive when it comes to our dogs behavior, especially in our own homes. What do you think is appropriate to expect from both sides when a non-dog person is visiting? Should the dogs be kept elsewhere during the visit? Should an attempt be made to de-fur everything? Is it easier just to go visit your non-dog people friends in their own homes?

Again, we would love to hear in the comments how you handle situations with family members and friends who are not dog people!

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